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Transformations and the PMO

Re-organizations inside the workplace... are often, and may touch the PMOs. The biggest challenge of the PMO during an internal transformation or "re-org" is the challenge to continue performing and transforming without breaking anything, any process, any integration, any business partnership, and any supporting activity that could affect either project delivery processes and/or project, program, portfolio visibility or alignment.

The best transformations are the ones well structured and mapped, those with a prioritized roadmap according to what still can be delivered by phase or wave of transformation. All of this, with previous consensus of all stakeholders and clients. Also, the metrics of transformation should be decided upon, and define what really is of "value" and how to keep delivering "value". Also define "success" and define "done" for each phase or wave. Then measure, measure, measure... and measure.... and measure. Consider one more thing: coaching sponsors, people who will support the transformation from A to B, and who will help the PMO remain strong and focused. Happy re-org!

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