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Project Management Roles

Project Management

* 12+ years, 18+ projects
* Delivery of products and services
* PM Triangle (Scope,Schedule,Cost,QA)
* Responsible for quality of deliverables (products and services)
* Agile, Waterfall & Hybrid
Benefits: well-defined goals, disciplined execution, process improvement, risk analysis, change-log updated, change management.

Business Meeting

Program Management

* 8+ years, 3+ Programs
* Multiple projects coordination, capacity and demand management
* Alignment of projects efforts with overall Program benefits
* Compliance with Project Management Standards (PMI)
* Mentor & Trainer
* Facilitator
Benefits: increased sales, increased customer satisfaction, improvement in project interdependencies, risk management

Portfolio Management

* PMO Operating Model for project delivery, product life cycle and project performance

* Visibility for better enterprise decision making (Delivery Dashboards per Portfolio/Program/Project)

* Capacity Analysis and Planning

* Continuous Improvements to products and services (Product Owner/Feedback and Change Mgmt strategies)

* Business value alignment (risks/constraints/benefits)

* Collaborative and Servant Leadership for Supportive & Directive PMOs

Business Meeting
Roles: Services
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