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Analytics Champion for CN - My diploma of participation

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I was appointed by my IT Business Leaders as an Analytics Champion. They said we were hand-picked, only 10 from many different areas; and many factors contributed to my selection. What I have learned through the years of digital transformations, is that not all technical profiles are the best. The ideal Champions must know and have technical skills, technical experience behind hitting the keyboard, but also a full-process or end-to-end process view, knowledge and strategic thinking. Champions must be leaders, mentors, coaches and teachers. I only know Python and SQL, I enjoy using some libraries and visualization tools, but I think I am more of a Project Leader and Subject Matter Expert. I have the strategic vision and the influencing skills to move people, teams and the organization to where -as a team- we decide is the best path. I rely on data and on lessons learned to contribute with my opinion. All this skills made me stand out and received this assignment of helping Canadian National Railway a more data driven organization. I will help and influence people that everyone can be a data leader, learn on their own, and bring data-decision making conversations to their teams.

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