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Strategic Orientation for a PMO using the Business Model Canvas

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Project Management Offices should not focus only on setting the standards and best practices of project management, they need to support the planned benefits and strategies of the business strategy as a whole. The best way to approach this is through a Business Model Canvas. The Business Model is usually used when establishing a business, but it can help a lot when building and consolidating a PMO, because it works as an outline or template that will allow different angles of analysis to the different parts that build up a PMO. Then, the initiatives can be enlisted, prioritized, and a roadmap will come to life. The most important thing is to bring to a consensus through collaboration, all the stakeholders and executive leaders to agree on the expectations of what the Value Proposition will be, this means, what the PMO will create to generate value to its customers (internal and external). The PMO will be defined in its mission and vision when all the stakeholders and executive leaders agree on the rest of the parts that hold up this business model -which is part of the general business strategy of the company. This way, the competitive advantage of the business will be supported by the value brought by the PMO.

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