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"Leadership Challenge"

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

They say that if you can breathe, you can lead. Well, it's true! We can all be leaders in our capacity of sharing knowledge, being proactive, being collaborative, learning on our own, and helping others, for example, and it has nothing to do with our position. There are many ways to be a leader, many styles, like Tony Robins summarizes in this site:, and also there are many resources out there that speak about becoming a leader: books, groups, podcasts, inspiring quotes, articles, etc. As leaders we need to practice forward thinking, continuous learning, and doing what we preach... so here is a book on leadership, a refresher of our day to day checklist, a nice book to explore: "The Leadership Challenge" by Barry Posner, focuses on a few activities, but of course there is a long, long, long list of what leaders can do... here is just what this book focuses on:

· A good leader is someone who boosts team performance

· Leaders are clear about their own and their team's shared values

· Leaders do what they expect from others ("Show, don't tell")

· Leaders set and support collective goals & a shared collective vision

· Leaders lead with purpose and inspiration

· Leaders constantly look for challenges and opportunities

· Leaders support small/quick wins, not only big challenges

· Leaders improve trust within their teams and recognize the good work frequently.

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