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Managed Knowledge to Help Enhance Project Delivery

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I began a new job in 2018 which meant dealing with a TON of information since the beginning and learning the processes and procedures of activities and tools at the office. The easiest way for me to navigate this task, and help future on-boarding, was to take a "print-screen" of the procedure of using a tool (I would have 1 file per tool) and then adding text to help me remember why I would have to do "this" or "that".

It sounds trivial, but after 6 months of doing this, I was able to give back to the company a learning procedure for future on-boardings. Although I wrote down the major processes of the company, my greatest input was for the procedures of using an in-house tool.

Managing knowledge activities is not only a task of the PMO. Every Project Manager can proactively find a way to identify, track, and register its own lessons learned along the path of learning new things -inside or outside the company.

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