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From Survey Monkey to PowerBi - Insights gathering 101

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When we do Data Analysis, it´s important to create our data sets in a way they give us as much insight as possible. When a survey is launched, it is important to consider why is the survey launched. Many businesses believe in getting a constant ¨pulse check¨ of their users/customers by only relying on what the current state of the pulse check is. When you design a survey, it is important to consider in advance what is it that we are looking for. We can use SurveyMonkey or TypeForms or any other service, but how we manage and work our data sets to find insights, that is key, and for thatI totally recommend PowerBi. Now, having the proper tools at hand, you should first do a proper feedback map by defining: what are you looking for (vanity metrics vs actionable metrics), who to ask, how to ask, why you ask, when you ask (aligning this with a strategic timeline of product or service release). Once you have a good survey design, launch and analyze.

For the analysis, go beyond the excel spreadsheat and custom graphs. Put your data on PowerBi and get 3rd degree insights (start by who/your demographics, then add all your questions, and then link the responses of those questions per demographics). You have then created a MODEL from our data set that quickly retrieves BIG insights. (Something this simple, can get you big places! LOL)

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