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Development of a Quantitative Tool (CPQ-07)

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The main objective of the project was to elaborate a tool that would evaluate the cultural affinity between companies to predict the success of a JointVenture.

First, a full research (exploratory analytics) was done to establish the cultural patterns that were to be evaluated. I coordinated some focus groups to understand broader challenges in this endeavor. 2 months.

Second, a descriptive analytics active tool was designed, and planned to be translating into SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). The tool was developed from the descriptive analytics results, and then evaluated in its validity and reliability.

Third, I made sure I was evaluating the correct population, the sample was representative and the responders would be willing to cooperate. I added some validation questions to the exploratory tool to be sure the answers by the responders were true and to their best knowledge.

Fourth, uploaded all results to the SPSS and analyzed correlation of variables to be measured according to Pearsons coefficient.

Fifth, having validated the tool and the sample, the CPQ-07 was applied to the subjects and a result was obtained.

The tool was then used to optimize teamwork, and by Human Resources in hiring processes.

This research and tool was then invited to be presented in New Orleans, USA, for the Society of Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR) 2007.

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