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Servant Leadership

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I've been a servant leader since 2014. I  learned about servant leadership while working with the biggest retail company. I went through some training to understand it, and make it part of my leadership style with a long-term approach, to be used in all my present and future projects. I really fell in love with it, because it was not only about being a boss, it was about becoming a team leader among colleagues that not necessarily report to you. It is about a growing mindset, "how can I help you do a better job", for yourself, for our company and our projects.

When someone says the word "leader", some people think about bosses, important decision takers, but we can all be leaders in our team. I say this because I like helping my team and the people involved in my work, the people around me, long-distance colleagues, and my family, and thus, I consider myself a servant leader. My friends say I am a leader, because I am a project initiator, I am a facilitator for everybody to participate in decision-taking meetings, I am a trainer and mentor who loves to share my knowledge and work experience, I like anticipating risks and taking care of my family, friends and team mates. Leadership is a mindset, but being a servant leader is sharing a growing mindset with everyone around you.

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