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Business Process Management (BPMs) - Project to Program

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I once was a Project Manager for a BPM project, that became a Program. The main objective was to map the main processes of the company, improve them (on the go), and automate them. I soon learned that "on-the-go" is never a good option. So we stopped doing it "on-the-go", and only mapped "AS-IS" because the good practices of the new software would do an even better job for process improvement.

The first phase of the project was to build one BPM and map all activities across countries. A really big effort, considering the paramount company I was working for. I would coordinate all the meetings with the users to talk about the processes and collect the information. After mapping and showing the benefits of improving the process, the possibility of giving visibility to the supply chain, more budget was given to the project and also more budget to initiate other BPMs was soon approved. I developed the plans to be executed as a Program.

The second phase included the identification of other valuable processes for the company. The total to be included in the program was 4. The Project Managers were assigned and I was in charge of reporting all activity of the BPMs to the PMO, including a report (Done, To do, Timeline, Status, Risks), the review of all contracts with consultants, follow up with Procurement and Budget management by BPM.

The third phase focused on translating the business processes needs into the system requirements, including the points for data processing for dashboard elaboration, safety regulations (internal in case of "disaster" and external when used by outsiders) and user data collection of look & feel. These, for all BPMs.

The fourth phase consisted of building the BPMs - by consultants (Deloitte & Intecbi)

The fifth phase was the planning for implementation, and the roll-out strategy for all users. At the end, more than 250+ stakeholders were trained to dive into the new tool and new processes.

Some Project Managers needed some coaching to learn how to take decisions because I was not able to clone myself -still can't! LOL. All of the Project Managers, including myself coordinating the Program, improved our skills and implemented a solution that brought a lot of benefits to the company.

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