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Collaborative Leadership

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Leaders inspire, managers coordinate. I have been a manager for only... 9 years; but I have been a leader for a longer time ... I probably was self-aware of that since University. I was a recognized leader while working at Walmart, but definitely this is a skill that takes time to grow, and not only trained for. I was very moved and impressed when the "top 50 rising women" at Walmart in 2016 used the word "leader" among 3 possible words to describe me. When I asked backed what was that made them think that, most of them said I was a listener, other said I would ask for feedback on my projects and look for team work to achieve better results, and others said I was "empowering them" (I am always sharing learning resources, and pushing the leader everyone has within them). Without actually looking to make people see me as a leader, it was something that naturally came out of me and I was able to see -though the eyes of my peers, higher executives and direct reports, the true leader I was and the followers I had inspired. I always mix my collaborative leadership skills with my servant leadership skills, because the collaborate leaders are servants of the groups to help everyone be listened, grow and inspire to collaborate towards the vision and strategy of a roadmap. (Picture: 2016 - Walmart CEO Mexico Guilherme Loureiro)

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